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Røros Products is a reliable quality supplier of customized and design-based solutions with high value for our customers.

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Our values

Design conscious
Innovative and future-orient

For us, design is about creative problem solving. A well-designed product combines the functional with the practical, economical, environmentally friendly and aesthetic. Our solutions make it easier and safer to get rid of waste and carry out cleaning, and are produced in an environmentally friendly way. The products have a long lifespan and thus carry with them the added value that makes them even more profitable for our customers and even more beneficial for the environment.

Doing your job properly never goes out of style. Our customers should feel confident that Røros Products is a solid and thorough supplier and partner.

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Røros Produkter logo, CMYK (PDF)

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Røros Produkter logo, CMYK sort (PDF)

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Røros Produkter logo, Sort (PNG)

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