Climate responsability

Nature means everything to the founders of Røros Produkter, who for 20 years have created innovative and durable solutions for source sorting. The aim is to contribute to future generations also having the opportunity to find inner peace and strength in nature, and to reap from it as their ancestors did.


Gain insight into why emptying frequency, location and number of containers are important factors when choosing a permanent sorting solution.

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Climate responsability

Both founders and employees of Røros Produkter have great motivation to take care of the nature. This is how we do it in practice.

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Social responsability

Next to further development of rewarding and safe workplaces, Røros Products must be a positive force in the local community.

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Waste calculator

By sorting the waste, you save money, do something good for the environment and create good places for people to stay in. We have developed a simple tool where you, using one of our waste systems, can calculate the reduction of both residual waste and CO2 – emissions.