Aursunden 90L

How to choose the right recycling system?

Mapping the company is important before you start sorting waste. The salespeople at Røros Produkter, May Kristin and Kristin take plenty of time to go through the company’s needs.

– The first thing I ask customers when they call is how many people are staying in the building, and what kind of waste is to be sorted, says Kristin.

– We then map the emptying frequency, location and number of containers.

The waste furniture is produced in steel, and has been developed in collaboration with our own designers, Inventas, the student community at NTNU and customers. The climate emissions from production are minimal, while the products are timeless, user-friendly and of solid quality.

Customisation af throw-in for the users

– We have different tops to choose from; large, small or customized inserts. For kitchen staff, for example, it may be good to invest in larger openings, as this professional group also needs an efficient system.

– Our experience is that busy passers think twice, and sort the sources more thoroughly, when the bins are smaller. This is how you achieve a tidy source sorting station, continues Kristin.

fire nobell avfallsbeholdere i en sorteringsstasjon inne, under en benkeplate. miljøbilde
tre sinus avfallsbheoldere i en sorteringsstasjon ved siden av en benk. miljøbilde

Mounts national labels

Ditinct labeling is probably the most important factor for successful waste sorting. In the factory, we have nationally designed labels, in addition to some form-adapted editions. These are fitted in the factory for those who want it.

– The interest of the national labels has increased greatly recently. There’s persistent waste sorting out there, which we register with great pleasure!

– Feel free to contact us, and we will find the optimal solution together, urges Sandkjernan.