Variously it’s the little extra that is decisive. We adapt the products according to the desired marking, colors and ergonomics. As a supplier of customized products, we emphasize satisfying the needs of customers and users, and have extensive experience in working closely with the customer’s designers. We also have experienced designers and advisers who can help realize the customer’s vision.

Mass produced customization

To meet new needs, we must always be at the forefront of developments. We are constantly working on skills enhancement and new development projects, and one of the initiatives is our participation in a “business lab”, here in Røros.

This is about adopting the “Mass-produced customization” business strategy. The ability to create customized solutions in larger volumes is initially one of our great strengths, and through this project we will further develop this quality.

en kvinne som posserer med produkter fra Røros Produkter og cityindustrial
topper til avfallsbeholder i produksjon


Together with three other companies in Røros, Røros Produkter has taken part in a development project called ARMS, an arena for mass produced customization. The results and the theory from this were collected under the portal, where you can read about the principles behind mass produced customization and what opportunities it offers. An increasingly large proportion of our customers wants to be able to adapt the products to their needs. We’re happy with the feedback from customers when they see the products in their proper environment.

It’s becoming increasingly common that the placement of waste containers is clarified by the architect at the drawing stage, adapted to both visitors, the washing function, etc. Source sorting requires several containers near each other, and our integrated stations are now referred to as waste furniture during the planning of new buildings.

When we received the order from Destinasjon Røros, it was entered into the system together with the other customer orders that day. – I am very satisfied that we can get such specific products produced locally and that makes “Reiselivets Hus” also a showcase for local producers. The turquoise waste containers turned out exactly as I wanted, says director of Destinasjon Røros, Linda Ramberg.