Do you work with environmental responsability in your company, and wants to make a change for both environment and ease your coworkers workday? Read about some of our sucess stories, and get inspiration from our projects. Our end products are not products, they are experiences. Many of them are about interacting with other people. Seeing each other, meeting each other, respecting each other.


kildesorteringsløsning på Oslo lufthavn gardermoen

Case study- Oslo Lufthavn

There is a high density of the waste containers that have been put out at Oslo Airport, and everything has been arranged for travelers to easily sort their waste at source, even if it is very hectic.

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Case study- Trondheim Kino

Arild Kalksvik at Trondheim Kino is constantly asked about where to get similar source sorting solutions.

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kinosal med avfallsbeholdere på veggen
kildesorteringsløsning i trappegang på en skole i oslo

Case study- Brynseng skole

The new Brynseng school is one of 15 schools that participated in the pilot project for the standardization of source sorting in the Oslo School.

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Case study- Rana kommune

he modern industrial municipality of Rana wants to meet a sustainable future with new, smart solutions.

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en mann låser en avfallsbeholder i en gang


Variously it’s the little extra that is decisive. We adapt the products according to the desired marking, colors and ergonomics. As a supplier of customized products, we emphasize satisfying the needs of customers and users, and have extensive experience in working closely with the customer’s designers. We also have experienced designers and advisers who can help realize the customer’s vision.