A full range of ergonomic, customised cleaning trolleys, bag trolleys, table trolleys and housekeeping trolleys

We also have benches which are suitable for our recycling systems, as well as tables, planters, hiking association mailboxes and other specialist products

We have good-quality, durable products which help users to recycle waste easily and cost-effectively.

Our systems for ash and waste are designed to be attractive, with a focus on fire safety and user-friendliness.

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Coating colour options

Read more about coating colour options

Røros Produkter AS has a large, modern coating plant which uses an iron phosphating pre-treatment. Iron phosphating helps to improve corrosion resistance. We use powder coating which is cured in a convection oven at between 190 and 210 degrees Centigrade. To achieve the best possible results, we use polyester-based coating, which is highly resistant to weather and UV radiation. The coated products can be left outside for many years with no noticeable loss of shine or colour. Røros Produkter has Eco-Lighthouse certification, and one of our priorities is to make our coating process as environmentally-friendly as possible.

On the product pages on this website, you can see the standard colours for each product. On this page, you can see the standard coating colours that we keep in stock.



If you want a product to be coated in a colour other than the standard colour for the product, a colour surcharge will appear on the invoice as a start-up cost. We can also provide other RAL or NCS colours.

The price must then be agreed on an individual basis, since there are huge price variations between the coating types.